Keeper Quick Start Guide

Keeper keeps your most important information totally secure and easy for you to access. Anywhere. Anytime. We are passionate about protecting your information.

Swipe left or right to move between screens.
Data Vault

To create a new record, tap on "+" button.

All information is encrypted on your device using 256-bit AES ciphers. Your information is safe and secure.

Dynamic Search

Keeper's Dynamic Search feature dynamically displays relevant records as you type. Searching works across all of the fields within your Keeper records.

Password Generator

While it may be easier to use the same password to login to all your favorite websites, it increases your exposure to internet fraud.

Keeper's Password Generator enables you to instantly create maximum-strength, random passwords that can be placed into any field of your Keeper record.

To use Keeper's Password Generator, tap on the "Dice."


Keeper's Auto-Launch feature makes it easy to login to websites without having to leave the app.

From within your selected Keeper record, tap on the Login URL field. Keeper then launches the URL.


Keeper FastFill allows you to easily auto-fill Keeper record information when using other mobile apps on your Android device.

Simply visit the Options screen in Keeper to enable FastFill, and you can then start to auto-fill.

Keeper Sharing

Share individual records with other Keeper Backup users. The record's owner can quickly set user permissions (i.e. View or Edit) and can remove a user's access any time. Simply tap the Share+ button of your saved record and enter an email address to securely share a record.

Keeper Secure File Storage

Securely upload files such as your passport photo, secret photos, drivers license, loan docs, videos or any private file to your Keeper vault. You can also secure share your private files and documents with other Keeper users - from vault to vault.

Internet Sync

Take your Keeper records wherever you go. Simply download Keeper to your mobile phone or computer from your App Store or website. Make sure to use the same Master Password.

To transfer and sync your Keeper info to other devices and computers, visit the "Internet Sync" screen on each device.

Keeper's Cloud Security Vaultâ„¢
Backup & Restore

To perform a Cloud Backup of your information, tap on "Sync" then "Backup".

If your device is lost, stolen, or if a 'self destruct' occurs, you can restore your Keeper information safely and conveniently by visiting the Restore screen.


Free vs. Backup
Free: No backup protection

Keeper Backup
  • Encrypted Cloud Backup
  • Desktop Web App
  • Multi-Device Sync
  • Secure Sharing